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Listening to Brass In Pocket by the Pretenders on repeat, which I may write about later. Until then, I present assorted (censored) shots of the Gillen Christmas hosted in my smashing new webspace.

Vol 1: Bristol.

The Tree.

Detail on The Tree. Blame the Concubine, not pictured due to belief that cameras steal souls.

Scale of The Tree. Shirt present from Concubine in a particularly wry mood.

Christmas Dinner, cooked by moi. Inconcievable!

Luke, the oft-amusing boyfriend of the Concubine's housemate...

...the long-suffering Jess.

Vol 2: Stafford.

Arch-sibling and heart throb of the lower sixth, Michael "Cheesecake" Gillen.

Kid-with-Knife crouching behind his Army-surplus Landrover.

Simon (aka Johnny Panic, Hair, etc) with new girlfriend and sister Blood Vixen... FROM HELL, sitting on (Not Pictured, due to Stalkerism) Parent's sofa purchased when sons had safely left the county thus unlikely to annihilate during japes.




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