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"Five stories, one title. Each story in this collection revolves around a different meaning of the word "hit". A hit and run, a shell hit, a chart hit, a hitman and a hit news exclusive. It is a nice stylistic touch and style is something that Hit tries to be both strong in yet ends up being its Achilles heel.

Writer Kieron Gillen ties the book (that's him on the front cover - style or ego? you decide) together providing the scripts while each story has a different artist. One thing that all five have in common though seems to be an inability to get to grips with the Xerox format. While all are talented they all seem to think that they are working in a glossier format than a black and white booklet. Lettering is often badly scanned and too small, the panels are frequently too crowded and the colouring lacks the necessary contrast for black and white work."

Egotism or style? A little from column A, a little from column B. But, mostly, necessity to have a cover at the end of an afternoon so I could get it printed for Bristol 2003. Similar explanations - but not really excuses - are made for the print quality. Everything was ported over from their web incarnations at identical resolutions, which is a little shoddy. But, really, it was a case of either doing it like that or not doing the zine at all.

Other than that, a critical but mostly pretty fair review of the HIT collection from Comics review zine ZUM!. Lots more in the link.




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