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Today, I missed Today. I crawled out of The Concubine's flat when the feeble sun had decided to knock off early for the night. My body is entirely surfeit of Vitamin D, and I suspect rickets will set in before spring. Fucking planetary rotation. Give me my daylight back. You've made all my seasonally affective disorder-friends turn into bastards.

Oh yeah: Me, posing like a tosser, yesterday.

Poster-boy for the NWO. Sans-cigarettes because Chrissy hadn't left some lying around for once.Housemate Griddleoctopus, refused to take a photo of me until I tried some of the reduced-price baby food he'd just brought back from the Supermarket. For those who are interested, baby food tastes like vomit. And then, after doing that, I decided the one I liked best was the one I awkwardly shot of myself.

It's part of a grand-photowall link over at DPH, where you can see me in the context of many people far more attractive than I am. But I have a suit and they don't, so I am head motherfucker.

Oh yes indeedy.




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