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Let's celebrate Christmas in the way our forefathers have always done.

By putting ridiculous hats onto protesting animals.

God bless one and all!

BOXING DAY EDIT: Heading off until New Years eve having just finished my years writing by doing a Negativeland episode, which should be up at some point in the next few days at Big-robot, hammering out some pretentious nonsense about 2004 for Herr Ellis's ZeroFour thingy and the third script of Save Point, the cartoon in OPM2. If the latter hasn't turned up at McKelvie's yet - er - phone me and I'll work out an alternative way of getting it to you. Perhaps Carrier pigeon.

No posting until then, unless I actually set up my parent's computer for Internet access, which would clearly be a horrendous mistake. They don't need to know about The Minister. In the meantime, I urge you to go and look at the new issue of OPM2 to see Save Point (Ripping open the mag if need be) and the equally new issue of Gamer, which as well as having my soon-to-be-stupidly-contentious Invisible War review in has probably the most humiliating photos of myself the world has ever seen in the back page "It's All Over" feature.

It's genuinely horrific.




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