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(And this is mainly being hammered out because I want to write something, but haven't the mental strength to actually start on something that requires any real effort on the part of my tiny cranium. Disaffected, bored and listening to Holly Golightly's last album. Weak, so weak...)

Little thought experiment for you regulars. Humour me. Everyone passing through, just sit aside and watch the chaos.

The comes from something Jim asked me recently, as I was mockingly discussing what I would do with a certain mainstream comicbook character if I ever got my dirty paws on him. And he says me "Well, why aren't you pitching at the fuckers". And I'm somewhat stumped, because... well, I'm terribly thick like that.

So we get around to the thought experiment: What pre-existing comics properties would you be interested in seeing me script. If you like my writing but aren't convinced by my comics are up to par, assume that my technique in the ol' sequential art has picked up a bit.

Of course, this is more about me being interested in what your conceptions of what I would be good at match up to what I'd be interested in doing (And straight WFH isn't something that hugely interests me anyway). And, even more of-coursely, because I'm bored, disaffected and listening to Holly Golightly's last album.

Said that up-post. Do keep up.




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