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Just finished the first draft of the second PHONOGRAM prototype script.

One of the odder elements on a Kieron Gillen script is that it opens with a list of everything I was listening to as I wrote it. This is almost always carefully selected to nail the appropriate mood (For example, for CHIMPLANTS I was listening to Andrew WK on repeat).

Okay - for any pro work I cut this off the actual script I send in to the Editor, but if it's going to an artist I know it stays in. As it amuses me, and mostly amuses them. Or, alternatively, they can just ignore it and put it down to Kieron's perpetual Gin habit.

Since you'll probably never see one, here's the latest to laugh at.

23.9.03 – Assorted MP3’s – Main ones – Sheela Na Gig, Lapus Linguae, Jolene, A New England (1-2)
12.10.03 – Gentleman, Afghan Whigs (3-5)
14.10.03 – Holly Golightly, Truly she is none other (Dialogue for 7-10, plus some panel breakdown stuff) And the same day, later: Holly Again, then more MP3 stuff, and then Scout Niblett when pacing down the Scout Niblett bits.
15.10.03 – Falry scene written to Beyonce, Avenue D’s “Do I Look Like A Slut” and Betty Boo.
17.10.03 – Goddess confrontation written to “Horses” by Patti Smith
29.11.03 – Trouble/Pink, Scout Niblett, Kills, Kenickie “At The Club” – for flashback
30.11. 03 – Afghan Whig’s “Gentlemen”. - Epilogue
First draft finished 3.05 as the titletrack fades out.




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