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From the page itself:
"Hello and you're welcome to the official archive version of Digiworld, the brief online mag about videogames and stupidity which attempted to answer the question, "Is it possible to publish a games mag online and charge for it?" without including the word, "No."

If you were one of Digiworld's special friends and paid at the time, this archive is free to download, flick through disinterestedly then cast into an electro-drawer and play a game instead that we gave about 3%. If you didn't pay for Digiworld and like what you read here, you're obliged to pay the 50p-per-ish charge (ie, £4 altogether for 1,860 pages of shabby old tat. Barg!) via our carefully set-up Digiworld section in the The Weekly Corner Shop corner shop. (Think of it as shareware.) If you didn't pay and still don't like it, hey, that's Digiworld. And if you didn't pay, like the mag but have no intention of paying now, you're chiefly the reason we had to stop Digiworld in the first place and we truly and sincerely hope you die in a big chemical fire. And your family."

Digiworld was one of the major things I was involved with this summer. It was a daily games site, presented in an accurate simulcra of Ceefax and with a heavy spin towards comedy. It failed, for reasons too boring to say again - interesting parties should search the achives. However, creatively, it was mostly a huge succeess and lead to a real rediscovery of my love for both games and games writing.

So - if the bandwidth annoyed you, now is a very good time to download the archive and play with it on your own PC. It's worth it for Godzilla's rapping alone, but there's plenty of other joys buried in its eight-week run, which includes quite literally a lot of content. Of course, this is a Shareware release, so you're morally obliged to give us Tall Dollar if you enjoy it, but you can always lie and claim it was shit in that case. Phew!




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