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A firm and manly handshake to all the random games-people who are arriving on this blog due to being linked in one of the dozens of Invisible War threads online. The entry you're after is the "Mon Nov 24" one.

Most of the things said are off the cuff - especially the relative size of the maps thing to Liberty Island. The whole opening of the game, basically, is in the two-tiered city of Seatle - the closest comparison is the Hong Kong section of the first game. Once out of the opening, you're able to visit all the areas at will and on my quick finger-count there's about a dozen of them. Clearly, this really is off the top of my head.

Equally, just because I haven't mentioned something in the post doesn't imply that I'm not all too aware of it. This is a personal weblog rather than an attempt at journalism, and my normal stringency of argument doesn't really apply. Or, for example, proofreading.

Anyway: make yourself at home and don't stain the seats.




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