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Currently, I'm meant to be transcribing around an hours worth of highly dense interview tape with Warren Spector.

Transcribing is the worst thing in the entire journalistic world.

On the bright side, it can't be anywhere near as hard work as breaking apart my interview with Doug Church. That was a transatlantic mobile conversation with two people who mumble incredibly quickly, recorded onto a tatty dictaphone pressed against the speaker-phone button. Interested parties can find the results in the issue of Gamer thats' currently on the shelves.

On the darker side, I have to listen to myself stumble over the word "Phemonemonological". Why can't I just be a good little games journo and ask how many disks it comes on and whether they'll be multiplayer?

And three hours and 5374 words later I'm finished.

I lied earlier in the post actually. Transcription is work, but it's by far not the worst thing in the job. It's something you dread doing - like the dishes or cleaning the house. However, equally like those most mundane tasks, when you actually get down to it there's genuine satisfaction in the simple perfomring of an action. Clearly, remembering this won't make it any easier to actually get started in the task next time I have a tape full of gibberish waiting to be written down.

Of course, I now realise I've only actually transcribed the interview and not the open Q&A Warren did.

Fuck it.




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