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No SDK planned for DX2.

Kinda suspected it would be so for various reasons, but interesting to see it confirmed. Actually - now I think about it, I mentioned this in the modding feature in Edge years ago. Shows how much anyone pays any attention to what I write, eh?

Can hardly blame them. Releasing an SDK for something like Deus Ex is a not inconsiderable amount of effort. With the size of the DX modding community from the first game, and the general level of what they produced, we can be hardly be surprised that a company chooses to priotise effort elsewhere. The SDK exists as a sales tool. If there's no reward from releasing the tool kit, as there was in DX, clearly it's a waste of money.

Of course, even if they did release it, I severely doubt whether anything worthwhile would emerge from the community. DX is simply not an easy game to mod, and I doubt that's any truer for DX2. Even if the tools were infinitely more reliable than DX's, philosophically it's a difficult game for many people to grasp.

On an associated note, Max Payne 2 releases its SDK.

Can everyone can read between the lines here?

I knew you could.




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