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Just recieved a handful of advance copies of the comic with the script I wrote in. Fascinating to see what the artist and editorial process has done to it. Considerably different to what I've written, but I...

a) realise that, in retrospect, the paneling I wrote for the story was not really the right thing for an action adventure tale. Yet again, my pretensions get in the way of doing the job. I'm glad the artist simplified and got on with the killing.
b) It's a work-for-hire thing. They can do what they wish with it, clearly.
c) It's real pretty.

The second they update their website, I'll provide a link.

Oh yes - and, keeping the tradition of literaly every publisher or magazine I've ever worked for - they got my name wrong in the credits page.

Keiron Gillen. What's so hard about "I" before "E", peeps?




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