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Just finished hammering out the script to CHIMPLANTS, which will be of great relief to everyone on my Instant Messanger lists who've been living in fear of random fragments of Bad Thought just appearing before them and disrupting their sense of self. Next step is to leave for a few days, go back and tighten up the rather loose ending and then send it off to the geezer who wanted it in the first place.

On a similar comics tip, just had the finished art for one of the paying things I mentioned. It's a regular comics spot in a big monthly magazine. Subject: Videogames, and vaguely riffing what Scott McLeod is doing in his Understanding Games for one of the american mags. It looks lovely, and will be interested to see how it goes down.

More, and examples of art, nearer the time it goes to press.

Man. I feel like I need to wash out the inside of my head with bleach.




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