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Star Wars is enough to drive any fair-minded observer of popular culture insane. I sit in horror, watching otherwise sane-minded individuals wander out of the latest cinematic monstrosity cursing George Lucas' name only to - a handful of months later - go out and buy the DVD anyway "for the extras". You scratch your head at the AintItFatFacedAmericansInTheirBasements somehow claiming the original trilogy were the high points of cinematic history, when only Empire stands up as anything more than campy high adventure and Jedi is covered in a frankly embarrassing Ewokitis. And you grit your teeth as reviewer after reviewer adds twenty percent to a game's score because it’s got Stormtroopers and the real Lightsabre sound effects.

In short: I hate Star Wars.

My first review for Eurogamer, my personal favourite of the many internet games sites. They've gained a reputation in the time they've been in existence of being cheerfully outspoken, hammering games which few have the strength of mind to do so. So when I was asked whether I'd like to write some stuff, it seemed like an excellent match.

Besides. I like the dollars.

Go read. It's Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware's genuinely ground-breaking X-Box RPG.




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