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Moles, moles, molesity, moles, moles-moles-moles-moles-moles. PURR!

In the same way - memorably stated by eighth-rate grease-rock merchants The Torture Orchestra - that Friday Night Is Vomit Night, Thursday is the night for heartbreak and dancing and strangeness.

But I write this for a reason. It isn't to note the best flow of records in the evening (House of Jealous Lovers, Crazy in Love, Overload, Girls On Film (Sadly Girls Aloud, so a slackening), Be My Baby, Do-ro-ron-ron-ron, Sheena Na Gig). It isn't to immortalise the drunken misadventures of a writer friend, who makes even that long dead Drunk Kieron appear like a satchel-clutching Indie-Kid who couldn't even bring themself to say "Virgin", let alone lose it. It isn't even to note the cheerful bellow of Ste and Dave Taurus of "EMO!!!!!" in the manner eighties schoolkids screamed "SPACKER!!!!!".

No, this is a small tribute to Jude. Jude's off to Italy for a few months. She may never be back in Bath, but my ever-prophetic gut tells me it won't be so. Jude is what we call a fixture. In many ways, it's easier to imagine Moles without a ceiling than her on the dance-floor.

She's been mentioned in these Journals indirectly more than she has directly. I don't know why. Or rather, I do, and it's none of your business.

Jude is a tiny, perfect Indie kid. Her hair is an immaculate chosen fringe. She appears to live in that perpetual moment which most people only manage to achieve for a scant year, perhaps only months. Personally, I managed it in my second year at University. I couldn't sustain - I didn't want to make the effort, and devolved into a comfortable black shadow. Jude's been sustaining for as long as I've known her. Which is - what - three years now?

That's not how I'm going to remember her. I'll remember her dancing, as only she does. Head slightly down. Movement from the hips and the shoulders. Moving between artfully constructed poses of silence.

Italians treat her mean, and we invade.




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