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For those tuned in expecting another ludicrous message from the dance-floor front lines of Resurrection tonight, I'm going to have to disappoint you. I'm staying in, so I can continue to hammer my head against the brick wall of a narrative problem.

(And, on a more pleasurable note - assuming that the narrative problem doesn't solve itself, in which case it'll be that - finishing off Sandman and watching the Evangelion movie. Thus concludes a long-running journey through a couple of pop-cultural forms I needed to get inside me. I'll probably write about both eventually, though may keep Sandman around in case Panel Bleed ever actually happens. Fans of that particular on-going running gag will be amused to hear it's been a year since I bought the domain. Sometimes, I could just kill.)

Staying in, eating a Mushroom-rice combination and listening to the Sugababe's first album.

On that topic, while "Years/Tears/Fears" is one of the most standard rhyme progressions in pop, but "New Year" so nails the inflection on each. You can almost hear the hurt eyes raising on deliberately-brave faces on each. Emotionally positioned twelve months ago: I'm over you, but not as over you as I want to be.

And now I skip to Overload and go and cook something.

Train comes and I know it's destination...




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