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Oh - it's me doing Love Day over at Digiworld today, so do pop by and see what's going on.

Today, however, we have an out-take. This is the third box-out from the recent "This Modern Age" feature for Edge. I was asked to only do two box-outs originally. Then I was asked to do a third, which I did. And then, due to the vagaries of Art, it couldn't fit in.

So I throw it out here. This was meant to be the relative light element in an otherwise fairly heavyweight feature.

//box out - text only this one...//

The point of mods are, of course, freedom. Assorted oddities from the dark corners of the mod community.

CRATE DEATHMATCH: Originally appearing in Quake 2. You play a crate. In an arena full of crates. Metal Gear Solid's box-fetish taken to the logical extreme.

STRANGELOVE: Unreal Tournament Mod which allows you to, in a tribute to the Kubrik satire, ride the guided Redeemer missile.

SEX AND THE SINGLE ADVENTURESS: Neverwinter Nights mod which rather than slaying the fantasy menagerie - er - involves herself in a satirical fantasy pornotopia. Very funny.

BUZZYBOTS: Half-life mod with cell-shaded robot protagonists. No sooner than Cel-shaded was invented, someone in the mod community was up to replicate it.

MARBLE MADNESS 2003: Entirely unofficial mod for Unreal Tournament which puts real physics to good use by updating the classic arcade game.

SCIENTIST HUNT: Half-life mod where the famous scientists from the game run around the level, and the players compete to slay as many as possible, as bloodily as possible.

SNOW WAR: For Half-life, this is a simple multiplayer mod which swaps the machismo of guns for the joy of a snowball in the face, including actually having to gather snow.

FANTASY X: A German couple decide to use Deus Ex to create an adult-playground for online sexual fantasies. Never completed and, sadly, never titled Deus Sex.

PARTYZONE: Similar to Fantasy X, but actually released. Don't want to play Deus Ex. Go online and utilise an Emergent environment to party hard.

ASSORTED STAR WARS MATERIAL: In every game ever. It's telling that the first mod to appear for expansive fantasy RPG Morrowind was to import Bobba Fett's armour.




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