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Idly discussing with my friend Chrissy about which figure in literature we'd most like to have sex with. I end up expanding it to a variety of people in my address book. I compile the following results, for your pleasure:

"the brother (whose name escapes me) from The Glass Menagerie because he's a cynic, and he's desperate and i think it would be frenzied."
Chrissy Williams, Poet and Dreamer, in a deeply literal way.

"Oh god. I've managed to deny it till now but I can no longer. SUCH a cliché and it makes me blush with embarrassment to think even I would be SOO obvious. But fuck it, I can't help it. It's her. It's ENID.

When I was in hospital I wrote a long essay in my notebook entitled 'Why I Don't Fancy Ghost World Girls Anymore' which was then binned upon realization that with all the worlds in the world I simply couldn't make the above statement come true.

The reasons? Even I can not rationalize it totally in my head at the moment, needless to say I DESPISE the Zwigoff Enid cos I felt that it *totally* betrayed the original Clowes Enid, but I DO however totally fancy the specs off Thora Birch in that film so it makes my sick head even more revoltingly perturbed.

I recently signed up to lipstickparty AND friendster. And I'm writing a column on emo internet dating for girl about town."
David McNamee, Indie Dan Careless Talk Costs Lives.

"Olivia Presteign from Alfred Bester's 'Tiger! Tiger!' A murderess so Goth she can only see extremes of the electromagnetic
spectrum. If I'd have been the protagonist, Foyle, then we'd have been getting jiggy with it during the nuclear bombardment of New York. Oh baby."
Jim Rossignol, Freelance Word Scientist

"Angelique de Xavia from several of the Chris Brookmyre books, of course. A tiny muscly black police-officer kung-fu lady with firearms training, keen political awareness and an instant quip for every occasion? You'd have to be suffering from recent brain trauma NOT to, surely?"
Rev. Stuart Campbell, Videogames Journalism's answer to Al-Quadi

"Fanny Price, from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I never fancied the little prig much, but I love the idea of negotiating the
whole transaction wih her simply by saying her name with a question mark on.
the end.
PS: If I was a lady I would pick Godot, on the grounds that there would be absolutely no danger of him coming unexpectedly."
Tony Ellis, Putting the "Reproduction" into "Production" Editor over at PC GAMER.

"Actually I fear it might really be Rebecca - because she has all the real life person qualities that Enid lacks and few of the less-desirable (but still as disgustingly attractive?) Enid qualities that all my ex girlfriends appear to be shoddily composed of.

The grown up me says Rebecca.
The indie me says Enid."
David McNamee again, Probably taking the exercise too seriously.

"The lead character in Kirsten Dunst's autobiography. Or her biography. I'm not fussy."
Ste Curran, Available for Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

And me? Clara from the Torture Garden. What can I say? I like a woman who shares my interests.




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