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Back from Club Resurection again. Less to say this time - at least less to say to you, now.

Genuinely a lesser night, but there's no shame in that. Not all evening are a improvised storming of Olympus' gates. That said, there were enough moments to make it worthy of mention here. And - well - I promised a couple of people while I was there I would hammer something out for them.

They get oh-so bored at work, and since I just Play Videogames For A Living, I have to try and help them through. This is what friendship is for.

Anyway: Crib notes of the evening:

i) Realisation that I've never danced to "We Care A Lot" in a club before. I'm 27 years old. How did *that* happen?

ii) DJ Playfulness leading to a couple of genuine head-spinning moments. Most notably, Utah Saint's "Something Good" bounding to its cardiac-close, only to be punctured as a nail torn from Christ's hands drops through its centre in the form of the opening descending phrase of "Teenage Kicks". (See Notes).

iii) Chrissys snogging a geezer. A tall geezer. He hit on her and *everything*. (EDIT: 2 Geezers. One was shorter, however).

iv) Random Gamer Reader saying hello. It's a fame of sorts.

Oh, that'll do. I'm tired. Leave me alone.

Notes: Teenage Kicks is one of my favourite songs ever. Perhaps it means less to me than during those months of my nineteenth year when that and the Buzzcock's "Ever Fallen In Love" were the dual atrium of my pop-punk heart, but it still hits harder than it has any right to. Despite clearly owning a copy of the thing, I never listen to it. The day I turned twenty I decided that to deliberately listen to it now would be a betrayl of the song. I wasn't teenage anymore, and it would be a total lie. Something that precious deserved a degree of respect. This means that since that date I've only caught it when it plays randomly on the radio or a DJ drops it in a club. Clearly, it's a massively stupid thing to do. However, as a note of respect to the brave stupidity of my earlier iteration, I keep to the rule. Lets' keep this precious.




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