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"Those who know me will probably have realised that whilst I may be traveling, I'm far from Fond of people who travel. The insular smugness of their world view, and worse, there strange compulsion to share it with people (specifically: me) is just about guarenteed to get my goat in a big big way. I have infinitly more respect for a Corrolla driving, polyester blend suit wearing office drone from Swindon then the vast majority of travellers, purely bevause at least they don' think that they are interesting...

...Which makes me one up on somebody who thinks that a conversation consists of listing the places you've been, telling everyong else which ones they should see (like anyone gives a shit)and why what the other person has seen wasn't as good. And then, and this is the real kicker, believing themselves to be rebellious, different, 'cool' because.... they bought a plane ticket. Big. fucking. deal."

That's my best mate Pete hacking his way around the world and abusing the locals and other migratory fauna. He thinks no-one's reading.

Y'know - I like to change that. It amuses me.




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