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Review of the HIT collection, from Antony "No H" Johnston's Cassandra Complex column at esteemed comics site Ninth Art

HIT, by Kieron Gillen et al

I'm kind of biased on this one, because I know Gillen of old; we both used to work for the same publisher. But I defy anyone to read HIT - a series of five-page stories, all based around different interpretations of the title - and not be impressed by its inventiveness and execution.

The last second of consciousness, the guilt of an army corps' sole survivor, the popstar revenge of a jilted lover, a desperate journalist in search of a headline, an assassin with a time-travelling bullet... Brilliant ideas, thrown onto the page with a manic energy, and deftly illustrated here by Brian Laframboise, Natalie Sandells, Jeff Coleman and Dale.

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