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Just reading this and hit a post half way down about a geezer stopping reading the NME this week after fifteen years. Ditto. Or rather, I haven't bought the last three and what that means finally has sunk in.

It's veen rubbish forever. I kept buying it as I like the weekly beat of a music press, and its the only one left. It's useful in a way the monthlies can never be, and its regularity works far better than the structureless form of the web stuff. I haven't liked the NME since - Christ - well, ever. NME was always a real second choice behind the Maker, which was until its demise managed to be simply mercurial. Of course, it's demise was several years before they actually closed the thing, but we don't like to talk about that.

But, finally, I've stopped buying the bastard NME.

Something ends. Something starts.

EDIT: Something by Parkes which isn't seeing print.




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