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Just got back from Purr and a moment of pure retro-shock to my systems when Team Rocket walked on stage and turned the venue into pure Glitterati-zine-scene circa 1998. If the music wasn't enough, I turned to my right to be confronted by an identical hair-cut to Mira Manga Disco Pistol's barnett. Not just the cut - but dye and hair texture and all the other stuff. I had to creep a look beneath the fringe just to see if that particular old friend had worked her way into Bath for some Godforsaken reason.

Odd period, which I was going to write a considerable rant about now. But I'll save it, since the majority of it's going to turn up in Phonogram in some form or another. A scene whose only aim seemed to be to fight boredom and gain immortalisation deserves both.

Instead, I'm currently chatting to the artist who I'm working with on Homo Depressus with.over MSN. I wrote the first script of it last night, redrafted this evening and now have done it again since chatting has turned up all manner of what I think are interesting ideas for future archeology in a culture that doesn't believe in a future, and it's probably a good idea to show it off.

Hence: A new splash page slapped on the front.

Piece of piss, this comics malarkey.

Look at me, ma. I'm Widescreen.




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