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Got the final sound-files for Cassandra through from the good lady Regan, who's providing the voice for the game's Avatar, Charlotte Williams.

The voice works, for me at least, though experience shows that someone, somewhere will always take personal offence at any voice on a videogame character. Sarcastic to the point of hysteria, with equal measures of knowing wit, it also does the scathing sweeps well . Slightly more upper class than Charlotte's original conception - it's a voice which smokes cigarettes in a holder when sitting, looking over Hyde Park in an all-too-English rain. But I think it works, which is all that matters to me.

Charlotte was concieved as Angela from My (So-Called) Life grown up bitter with a naturalistic genius for firearms. However, she was far more neatly described by - I believe - Col Cobb from the team with the phrase "Bridget Jones meets Nikita". Which is so wrong it has to be right.

It's good to actually hear her say those words I hammered out on a drunken night in a drunken month a couple of years back.

I like her a lot. I like all the characters a lot - when I was writing the majority of the Project, I had at least five of them so under my fingers it was actually a little bit scary. Not all - Nicholas was always a battle to write, and even when I cracked him was more of an intellectual exercise than something that I felt I grasped at some inner level.

Clearly, it's been going on so long I wasn't sure how good the Mod is. I know we're going to get it in the neck for releasing something that's essentially just the briefing sequence, despite it clearly being the most highly developed briefing sequence in videogame history. Yeah - I know I'm throwing the Hyperbole around, but it really is. Not that "Highly-developed" is a necessarily good thing.

But even putting aside that quibble, I had no idea how good it is.

Except I've just had Walker play it for the best part of an hour, and barely dent its surface. He's an adventure player, and was examining it in a way that I'd really hoped people would - as a piece of three-dimensional narrative structure, a form of story-telling which can only work in videogames. And he was laughing at the gags.

So now I think it's going to be alright. We'll see.

Besides: the "Truth at thirty frames-a-second" tag-line was always a good one. It'll be a shame to let it go to waste.




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