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I'm writing my review of Matrix Warrior for SFX - in short, A Self Help book by way of Philip K. Dick - and my mood just won't settle. I've been distracted all day, feeling my mind drifting and refusing to settle on something bar mild alienation. I'd even prefer a genuine cloud of depression than this restlessness. But no rest for the restless, it seems.

I've resorted to extreme measures, putting the Hot Hot Heat album on repeat with its ten reasons to be cheerful. Not that I need to be happy - and cheerfulness has never been a mood. It's an attitude and approach more than anything.

It's a ridiculously fine album, which I'll probably write extensively in future. For now, I'm just waiting for the moment in "This Town" where everything cuts away and the voice barks in confusion, carrying on the melody as determinedly as a pram rolling down a cliff-face, just before the entire rest of the band pile in, hammering out brutal chords on the biggest Piano in Christendom.




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