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I keep on seeing people I want to write. Does this make me a bad person?

It's only started happening since I've started seriously about comics - in other words, thinking visually about storytelling. In plain prose I'm thinking about how to describe a character's appearance through metaphor. Now, I'm thinking about how appearance is a metaphor in and of itself. I'm thinking about how if someone's made a degree of effort in looking fantastic deserve to be immortalised. And, most importantly, I'm thinking of sex.

Because I'm only human, y'know.

Case in point: Jim and I are wandering around Waterstones, laughing loudly at licenced novels available for first time in Paperback and out rolls out a woman. I say rolls out, as she's in a wheelchair. A big, heavy stainless steel number, curved rather than straight edges, thick tyres. She's blonde, pretty in an efficient manner - lawyer would be my initial guess. Nothing really out of the usual - except the fact she's wearing an extremely short skirt, black sheer tights and knee length leather boots. This changes the whole look totally, from straight bookish - she's in a book shop, after all - to something that throws together all sort of powerful semiotic symbols together in a really interesting way.

And now I want to write her.

Is this so wrong of me?




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