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Errata for leaving letter.

1) There's not some big change at Gamer and/or Future which has made Matt, Jim and Myself all quit in a fairly short space of time. It's just that mags tends to, like punctuated evolution, move in sudden spurts. A period of stasis, followed by sudden change. This is a big one, but Gamer's history is littered with other, similar, smaller events. Ashton left along with Hoody, for example. Roxburgh and Little is another one that comes to mind. Life is change.

2) I'm not leaving because I didn't get the Editor job in a big sulk. I didn't even go for the Editors job, as I knew I wanted to go freelance from before Christmas. I don't have any interest being an Editor in the current climate.

3) I haven't quit to write comic professionally. If I did this, I would starve to death.

4) I'll still be writing Freelance for Gamer. I'm currently writing a review for them, and working a feature that's meant to be in on Monday.

5) I don't really hate everyone. I'm a sweetie.

6) I still have over a hundred e-mails to answer regarding my leaving, which haven't been answered because I'm rubbish. They will be. Honest.

And now, off to collect bits of rice out of the sink.




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