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A series of random Internet events have got me thinking of Kenickie again, and those odd couple of years when I started the whole Kenickie Internet community rolling. This lead me to return to my old haunts, specifically Kenickie Fried Chicken .

(And that joke's still funny. Who'd have thought it.)

Wandering the amazingly still active, if a tad slow, messageboard, hit this post...


Posted by The Tourist. on December 08, 2002 at 15:15:02:

for those who remember and care:
Just thought I'd mention that the above message (plus some other Kenix-related grafitti) can still be seen on the outside wall of the Wolverhampton Varsity, over 4½ years after it got scribbled there in black freezer-marker one dark night after a gig by the Nick.

Faded, weatherbeaten, probably sustained one or two attempts to clean it off, but yes, it's still just about legible.

Cool or what?

I still have no idea who did this grafitti, since I was in the States at the time and believe I'd probably have spelt my name right. I suspect Scary Rachel.

I thank her for another helping of Urban Immortality.




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