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Just posted this to my mailing list. Join up today for similar nonsense.

Christ. I feel like Warren Ellis.


I thought I better send one of these out before the world ends. I know none of you will be able to sleep in your chemically-laden graves if you don't read another of the picture-novels the chattering classes are finding so compelling.

It’s the latest in the HIT series, with art by Jeff Coleman.

You can find more of Jeff in his continuing series Progressions (, which is excellent. However, despite drawing all-girl pop-punksters galore, he’s never attempted the array of vile things I thought up for him to draw. He will recover.

I’m pleased about this one in all manner of ways, but I’ll spare you rants about reiterative narrative structure as they’re fucking boring. Get me in the pub, and I’ll torture you if you really want. Comments and feedback gratefully received. Please forward to anyone who may find vaguely dissident pop-comics amusing.

Other writing?

New issue of Careless Talk Costs Lives out (, which includes all manner of review pieces. One which didn’t make the cut, in the voice of the Minister, is put up at Bleedmusic ( In fact, there’s a variety of other stuff I’ve been doing for Bleed – a Mars Volta review should go up shortly which isn’t bad. Far more interesting than the A.R.E. Weapons one that’s currently there. Panelbleed continues its unforgivable delays. PYGMALION has an artist in the form of Jon Nagl, which might be done by BRISTOL 2003 (But probably won’t). The Minister Drill-cock! comic is done “any day now”, according to Asif. Admittedly, it’s been like that since late last year, but – y’know – we live in hope. Bouncing e-mails regarding a work-for-hire script. THE CASSANDRA PROJECT seems stalled just on the edge of release, with the remaining couple of tasks stubbornly refusing to get done. Got something turned down for 2000 AD, which is expected as it wasn’t written for them anyway – you’ll get to see it as the next HIT with ridiculously lovely artwork by Andrew Dale. No-one bit for my contribution to REVOLVER, LUNA 16, which was equally expected. I’m going to sit on it for a while, as there’s something with a bit more weight than a ten-page short buried in there. Grammarporn ( is back to updating regularly. Rossignol ( and I are working on a cheerfully obscure web-fiction project that’ll be revealed in short order. Pitched a couple of features at PC FORMAT, which should be interesting. PHONOGRAM’s title is settled on as PHONOGRAM, and is by far the most difficult comics thing I’ve ever undertaken. HOMO DEPRESSUS deep in the worldbuilding stage, being the sort of thing that requires copious notes. Oh yes – and my blog’s ( being updated several times a week, and became a mini-meme when everyone in the world linked to my analysis of Avril Lavigne’s SK8R BOI (February 28th entry) a couple of weeks back.

Also: Sheffield band Pink Grease are fantastic.

Also Mrk 2: My new flat – in the American Idiom - kicks ass and takes names.

Also Mrk 3: I have no idea why Americans feel the need to take names when kicking ass. Don’t blame me.

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