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"Johnny Casino does not like loneliness, although Johnny Casino has often experienced it. Sometimes loneliness is in the corners of smoky bars, sometimes in the gap between the lines of a delicate piece of beat poetry. Sometimes loneliness comes in the middle of space, but that's OK, because in space, no-one can see you masturbate."

Sometimes I think that brief period when Daily Radar (UK) was paying us to write expansive gibberish about videogames was the closest our generation of games journalists got to Amiga Power. Of course, then the net crashed, and they couldn't pay us to do it anymore. And besides - all too many took the blank slate to write the laziest, throw-away copy rather than raising their game. Sometimes when you give people the freedom to anything, they do nothing. And that's as easy way as any to draw a line between Us and Them.

Casino was dead before money ran out, his final piece gutted by a prod. In sympathy, I sent in an Everything Is Wrong which consisted of a Spider-Jerusalem-esque fifteen-hundred-fucks in tribute.

I still miss Johnny Casino. Casino loves you, baby.




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