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Mainly posting to say that updates will be slow for this week. I've got no net access at home, and am on Deadline at work, hence unlikely to do anything of note here. Probably.

On Thursday I installed some freebie hit-counting stuff to my website, after being told of its existence by Dan Emerson. It's been running for four days now, and its results are already beginning to entertain. Just under fifty people access my blog every day. This surprises. I'd have thought it nearer ten.

The best two Search Engine results which have lead to my blog are "I will not be mocked- be my valentine" and "Punk Porn". I now carry the burden of having momentarily delayed the onanistic urges of someone looking for Poly-Styrene muff-shots or similar. The shame.

Work stuff? Oh, Something Or Another. Similar to the other Something Or Another I mentioned a couple of weeks back. I'm going to keep them as vague Something Or Anothers until they become more Something than Anothers.

Meanwhile, drunkenly, my poet friend told me her blog URL. Not being drunk, I remembered it. Readers: Shall I tell you Poet-Chrissy's blog address? The comment system awaits.

Also, go and examine Jim's new website design. Tell him I sent you.




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