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Just played all the way through Cassandra. Not *properly*, as I side-stepped all the sub-quests and didn't even look at the Danger-rooms and so on, but all the way through. From intro to end-sequence. Ace.

On other notes, the issue of Careless Talk Costs Lives that should have hit the shelves yesterday is the first to get proper nationwide distribution. You should be able to get copies in places like Virgin, FOPP, Borders, HMV and Tower Records, as well as the usual places. It's now a magazine you should be able to get without having to talk to Record Shop owners. If you haven't already, and enjoy left field Outsider-pop, you really should be picking it up.

(Note: Their website doesn't appear to have updated yet, and is still displaying the Kills cover.)

It's a good one to go Nationwide too, I think: Nick Cave cover. Lots of big alternative names interviewed or otherwised covered.

(My stuff is a Mooz interview which isn't everything it should be - I've written about Mooz too many times in the last six months, I think - and Minister Drill-cock!'s take on the Donnas. In fact, writing that now, "Minister Drill-cock! takes on the Donnas sounds like an excellent title - and, indeed, plot, for an Indie-punk porn film)

I think it'll do well. Help me be right and buy the bastard.




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