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In London today, and coming in, I got a flicker of the apocalypse fever which has infected a good few of my London friends who know all too well if a city's going to die, it's going to be them. Heading towards the ticket gate I was struck by the image of a dirty nuke going off on the horizon and wondered what the crowd and, more importantly, my own reaction to it would be.

I decided I'd turn to the driver of the train, hammer on the door and insist that if we went *right now* we'd miss the fallout. No time to wait, Go! Now! Now!

Meanwhile, in a continuing theme for this week of "Kieron's a bit thick", I watched the Smallpox mockumentary on Saturday night with mounting horror. I'd missed the introduction to the program, and took it for a straight documentary. I was kicking myself over, somehow, missing a fucking smallpox attack last year. Of course, as I progressed and the scale grew, I realised that I'd had my own personal Orson Welles' War of the World moment.





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