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A couple of interesting happening at Purr.

Firstly, I remake aquaintence with Henrietta.

I met Henrietta - and I may have got the name wrong, being a tad rubbish - in one of the stranger co-incidences of my Gamer career. A couple of years back, just after Jim had joined the mag and we were in the depths of Our Booze Hell, we were on the way back to an after club get together at Ross'. Being in a stupefied state, we were in the mood to be friendly to strangers so, upon passing a group who were carrying guitars with stickers on their cases we shouted a compliment to them. It ended up with us chatting, in the way two groups of inebriated good people do. Music, mainly. Then this little auburn haired girl chirps up.

"Is your name Kieron Gillen?"

Turns out that, randomly, we'd just jumped one of our 2% female readership.

She thinks Finlay sound like Slanted and Enchanted era Pavement, while I think they sound like they owe as least as much to The Pixies and Granddaddy. She says she'll play Cassandra and I say I require a copy of a fanzine. Henrietta's now left university, and is rooting around trying to find someone to pay her to write pretty words for the delectation of the masses. Good luck to her.

Secondly, after the gig, a couple do serious pre-coital bump and grind to "She's Losing It" by Belle and Sebastian.

Work stuff: Finished the pieces for Careless Talk. I've decided the BBR album is excellent, the Malkmus album a Malkmus album and the Alan Moore album a good excuse as any to throw in a gag about worshipping a sock puppet.

And now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I'm going to bed. Don't try and stop me.




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