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Now that - well, that was more like it.

What I wanted last time I blogged at Moles I got this time. Pure bleach-and-holler Detroit rock courtesy of the Paybacks, smart girls with stupid haircuts and getting bullied into buying compilation albums by two-foot three inch Indie-girls with dimples. Just perfect. And then the DJ afterwards plays one too many sixties retro-guitar pop songs before sliding towards modern-US girl-punk.

I said earlier it takes on the tiniest thing to justify your time. It goes without saying - not that it's going to stop me - that it can take an equally small thing to decide when's enough's enough.

Hence: Home, James.

Last time I posted about Moles, it got linked by Herr Ellis at his blog Die Puny Humans, which I didn't notice. I mention it here for all the people who have no idea about Warrem Ellis and may be reading this. There's two groups of these. One are people who know me as a games journalist, and are hoping I drop some hint what our next cover game is or what Spector looks like without a beard or similar. Two are friends and work colleagues who are checking in to have a good giggle. The third sort of reader - comics peeps - know all about it already.

Anyway - you other two sorts. Forget about games. Forget about giggling at Gillen. Go see what Uncle Ellis has found for you to fuck with your incy-wincy minds.




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