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Gamer copy reappropriated for Gamesradar. Vietcong preview. Had fun with the intro.

"Forget innocence: the first casualty of war is just whoever gets their poor brains blown away. People get lost trying to find a deep profanity (Profundity, surely? - Ed) in war, when it's nothing more than the point where civic powers unsheathe their bestial claws and funnel patriotism into mass-produced uniforms and send them out to die. And Vietnam was where the TV age finally caught up with the reality, bringing genuine horror into the front room.

People describe it as the loss of America's innocence. Not really correct: America's innocence had already been lost, time and time over. This was just the wake-up call which meant people could no longer be in denial about the actions their governments take for them. Ever since, governments have been careful to sanitise footage of their warmongering. We watch video footage of missiles disappearing down bunker shafts - images a world away from the actuality of what a bomb actually does. Every time the US military machine gears up, its naysayers whisper "This could be another Vietnam" and they do everything to make sure it isn't a trip into a world of body-bags, televised execution and rape.

So. Here's Vietnam: the first- person shooter."




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