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Just back from Careless Talk's Bristol Gig, which was - er - Hit and Miss to say the least. Want to do a Provincial Serpent about it in, so expect more then. It was a deeply frustrating, but mostly vaguely entertaining way to pass a Saturday night.

Oh - and the new issue's out. #7. The Kills on the cover. Some generally good stuff, which I recommend - not least a smattering of Amp reviews buried within, Dan taking on Fosca and Houghton on Garage. I do the Polyphonic Spree, Luke Haines, Queen Adreena and - under the resurrected pseudonym of close-chum Peter Nicholls - a Sigur Ros/Godspeed double header.

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One more day of my week off and fuckups keep on fucking me off and stopping me doing what I took it off for.

I honestly can't believe *they* actually constructed Deus Ex with the bastard thing.




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