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Oh Good. Blogger's working again - it seems to have been down every bloody time I've tried to post recently. Just a quick book-keeping ritual of things that are randomly occurring.

1) Friday night turned moderately Epic. I'd to write something that gets the genuine Odyssey-esque feel of a good night out, moments just streaming into each other, random weirdness, stuff that really wasn't expected and other stuff that you've been expecting for ages. Moments that stick out? Well, accidentally crashing an 18-year old Rich Girl's birthday party in a Bath club, where everyone is either in suit-and-braces with cigars or in dresses that cost more than I'll earn in a month was entertaining. We felt like we'd walked into the final scene in an American Teen Drama. Other than that - how about this for a moment...

We're dancing, on the floor in Moles. Ross is on stage, owning it with frankly ludricous dancing, a sinuous wave of man-flesh. Jim and I are on the floor, trying to keep up. The musics a Latino-influenced break stuff, like a less maximalist Basement Jaxx with a touch of the heavy-cut ups. The music drops out for a second. Jim turns to me and says,

"There's a bit in my new book when Red Chico talks about dance music."

He turns away, for a second. I speak up,

"What's he say?"

Jim looks surprised I'm asking. He answers as if it were the most casual thing in the world,

"He says that dance music is a little bit like Ukranian Communism".

The beat kicks in. The world disolves and I ride that way away from myself.

Anyway - wasted Sunday in the most heroic way possible (Sleeping in till 2, then five hours playing SSX Tricky of all things. For kicks. In my dressing Gown. Jane was *disgusted*, so starting work again. Thought it time to go back to The Thing I was doing before my birthday. Plotted out Chapter 4, and wrote the first couple of pages.

In my current state of mind, I think "Licence to Illiad" is a good sub-subtitle.

Someone, please, stop me.




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