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Just sent this to my mailing list:


Hi everyone

The next HIT went up on Sunday, I believe, but I've been away learning how to push a pen through someone's trachea to breathe through in a First Aid class and have only just got back to my work PC. And, being a work PC, had 450 e-mails to work through before knocking this little fella off.

Anyway: In short, HIT 3 is live on Nextcomics as we speak. Art duties are handled with flair by Natalie '' Sandells and it's about pop-music and human cruelty. As always, write what you know.

Numbers at the top of the page reveal each page. Any and all feedback appreciated.

Other comic material? Well, next thing that should be going live is a 3-page short at, with art by Tim Twelves, called Spectators. I saw the finished art this morning and, to sound deeply boring, it's turned out a lot better than I expected it to. It'll probably appear on October 1st, when I'll be nursing my first 27-year-old hangover. Bastard world.

Future HITs? Well, 4, 5 and 6 are all with their various artists, and should theoretically all be coming together in the next couple of months. Of them, Jeff '' Coleman claims to be posting preview bits and pieces of his on his forum, at I fear he's more likely to be talking extensively about his love of Shampoo.

Other than that, you can probably expect "Minister Drill-cock!: Those who are about to cock, we salute you" and "Pygmalion", each ten page shorts, this side of Christmas. Maybe.

For more updates inbetween these sporadic e-mails, you may with to turn to my workblog at where I'll mention stuff and probably stick up an image or eight, inbetween idly typing things while I wait for the good lady to get out of the shower.

See you - oooh - at some point or another.



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