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Just a few random 'uns.

1) I don't ever plan to have children though - unsurprisingly - as I get older I find the idea less totally repulsive. But if I did, I know that for irony value alone, it'll be a girl (Yes, this links to a much, much bigger story, which I'll save for another time). At some point in her life, probably upon the onset of menstration as I really like making a bad day better, I'll give her a copy of "Gentlemen" by the Afghan Whigs. And I'll say to her, "Honey - listen to this. This is what even the good men are like beneath the surface. This is what we don't ever tell anyone about - and this is why we'll probably end up fucking you over, no matter how much we like you". And if she doesn't listen to that, she deserves whatever she gets. Spoilt future brat.

2) Have stalled on The Thing I'm Doing since last post.Still on 56, which is annoying. It's mainly because I've somewhat reached an Impasse in the plot - everything's lead up to this point so far, and now the plot twists towards the conclusion. Chapter 5 is all in my head. Chapter 4 - well - is still kinda loose, so I think I'm shirking finishing Chapter 3 until things have bounced around a little more. Or I might just being lazy. Anyway - Chapter 3 finishes today, or I slap my wrist jolly hard.

3) Lots to do the weekend. Do a Sigur Ros vs. Godspeed album review. A Luke Haines live one. A fairly important piece of freelance for a supplement, which I won't mention. And the fact an idea for a HIT arrived, hand in hand with an artist, means I quite fancy hammering that out and getting it over to him.

4) The bit in Rakim and Eric B's "Follow The Leader", where Rakim goes "So Follow me - or did you think that you were first - let's travel at magnificent speeds, around the universe" is just one of those moments that totally define a song, and take it to a new magical place. Hard Statement - "So Follow me" - followed by an entirely unexpected diversion, a sentence where the comma is clearly audible - "Or did you think that you were first" - and then, seamlessly, into the metaphysical section of the song, Hip-Hop taking off from earth and travelling somewhere it hadn't even dreamt of before.

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