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I don't think I've mentioned I've a growing soft spot for Miss P!nk.

I like P!nk because her marketting is so painfully, beautifully obvious. You can see the marketting demographics in every artfully placed tear on the dress in each video- and I know exactly what matter of teenage girls she's aimed at: the ones who grew up to be idiotic enough to go out with me. All this entertains - from the big gestures of the slow ones, to the playful drug-nods to the obviousness of the music and so on and so forth. I'll even forgive the exclamation-mark-as-punctuation.

(Drill-cock! is irony, pedants in the house)

I'll probably buy the album before the year's out, as I'm dumb like that.

"I swear - you're just like a pill/but instead of making me better/You keep making me ill" was stuck on my head for most of the week. Love/Drugs metaphors have always worked. Probably explained why I fell so hard for S*M*A*S*H (Ask your grandads) back in the day.

Skipped from Pink on an MTV-alike up a channel to a virtually identical MTV-alike to find Daft Punk's Discovery, and was reminded there's good and there's good. And then I skipped down to actual MTV, to find them playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

And then I decided it's time to turn away from the TV and turn towards the future.




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