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Having stopped doing The Thing, I've started working through the selection of tasks I promised other people last, starting with my stuff for Careless Talk. No Mooz interviews due to deadline fuck-ups, but my take on the Polyphonic Spree's "The Beginning Stages Of...", Queen Adreena's "Drink Me", Godpeed's "Yanqui U.X.O" and Sigur Ros' "()" should be included, alongside a live review of Luke Haines. It's a fair selection of stuff. Some of it isn't bad at all.

Should be out the arse end of October, by my Maths. Will plug here. Go get the last issue until then: Nothing by me in it, but it's still probably the Best music magazine currently being produced in Blighty.

Yes, it's got flaws - big fucking bastard ones - but they're forgivable, and when it hits its high-pace mode, instead looping into meaningless iterations of passion, it's the only thing that anyone with brains, a soul and big genitals would ever want to read.




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