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27 pages in. I'll probably post something teaser-like soonish, as I've been showing a certain bit to far too many people. It's not the best bit - but it's probably the most characteristic.

As part of the project, I've excavated the Manics' Holy Bible from the depths of my record collection, and started to listen to the existentialist Tautness of Faster on repeat. Which, as they say, brings the memories back. Taut's a good word. You should use it more.

On other notes, last night I dreamt in panel progressions. The nightmare - driving along a Fargo-style winter road and having to dodge increasing numbers of rat-like werewolves feasting on corpses - being neatly framed, according to my desire and whim, in a wide-panel formation with static cameras and caption text placed in extended gutters.

Only 27 pages in. A quarter of what's needed. You begin to see why Dave Sims went mad.

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