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Rather than write up a Mooz interview as I promised a couple of people, I end up finishing off a comic script I started putting together ages ago - December last year. However, it ground to a complete halt when someone told me something that made the script entirely untenable. Or rather, made it draw to a halt until I did a bit more research. I did it, but got deflected into all manner of other word away from it, and it's been sitting in a half-done state for two long.

No longer. A draft of Pygmalion now sits on my hard-drive. Now I just need to see if the artist who said he'd be interested in it when it got finished is still interested. Or, alternatively, have a read of it tomorrow and decide it's best forgotten.

Oooh - I almost cut and pasted one of the monologues from it here, but thought better of it at the last moment. Wait and see.

Also, Hit 3's lettered and done. Hurrah.




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