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From Sequential Tart's Grant Morrison interview, written by Barb Lien-Cooper

ST: Yet, if one puts one's old influences in the past, one still needs input from the world around one and in the pop culture around one to continue having authorial significance. What do you now listen to/read/experience to continue keeping the ideas flowing and keeping relevant to the new century?

GM: There's always something new. If you listen to indie music and hate reggae then go listen to some dub albums. Pick up abstract POLE CDs. Immerse yourself in cultures you once hated. Go to clubs you never used to go to ... If you love '60s music hang out with some metal goths or hip hop MCs. Smash styles together and create new ones. Prise open your blinkers and turn all the fresh input into art.

And amen to that. People always miss the inherent point of subjectivism, taking it an excuse to be satisfied by their own tastes rather than deliberately go out and redefine them. The mental arthritis in genre-favouritism bores me fucking rigid.




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