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Been thinking about the last blog entry, though I don't think it was anxiousness over that which kept me up until gone three last night. That blame belongs entirely on a fragment of a eighties pop song that took over my entire thought processes. And there's an idea I need to save for Planet Of Sound. I haven't mentioned Planet of Sound here yet, have I? Well, I have now. It'll be the last you hear of it until I decide what I want to do wth the bastard thing.

What's been worrying me isn't the piece itself. Christ - it's clearly embarassing, manic-cycle juvenalia. But I take that as given in my state when I was writing - and christ, I'd like to think that most of humanity's better accomplishments started in a moment of drunken arrogance. Well - I'd like to think so.

What worries me is that, despite what I wrote in my edit, it appears to be a direct invisibles rip. I can live with the cancer-golem reference, as it's funny, and my fascination with the politics of resistance and control, because that's all I ever think about, but I the bollocks about rewriting reality probably needs a touch of explanation. In short, that comes directly from my reading of 1984. While most people take it as political warning, I took it as a textbook - and a positive one at that. Well - kinda positive in an Anarchist-Cookbook-for-mental-control kinda way.

(It's interesting that I discovered, when prowling around LA's highways late one night at E3, that Chu agrees with me. Bless that Charlie Chu. He's a good 'un)

Accoridng to my take, Humanity is a wonderfully effective engine for plagarism. It looks at the world, takes from it, and then acts upon that knowledge. Moreso, I don't think Meme Infection - the Burrough's Meme as virus - really grasps what it's about at all. What's really going on in the world is Memeic warfare, with competing thought-forms clashing and being taken in by people. Writing is words - directed thoughts. Take in someone's words and you're in real danger of taking in sections of their worldview. People who say that you can't change people's opinions are somewhat delusional. People are putty, being buffetting and bombarded by invading words every second of their lives.

Where Dawkins Meme theories fall short is that he fails to take into effect the power of a meme's expression - invasion isn't just based on the intrinsic power of an idea, but the power of its expression (And a number of other things, such as amount of exposure and so on and so forth). This is applicable from all scales, from the micro (conversation) to the macro (Advertising written on the moon). Geddit?

So, Kieron Gillen: not an invsibles rip at all, despite me shaving my head and wearing leathers.




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