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"London Ice cracks on a seamless line"

That's probably, with the possible exception of "We kiss with dry lips when we say goodnight" from End of A Century, my favourite Blue lyric. It's from "From Tomorrow" and ended last night's festivities. It's at the start of "Modern Life is Rubbish". What opened the evening was "Popscene", which is at the end of the album - at least the US version I've got anyway.

The evening was set in Moles and - through basic synchronicity - proved to be exactly the sort of evening that the Grammarporn lot don't experience, so can never understood our love of Daft Punk. Moles has, over the years, offered me more entertainment per square inch than any other club in Bath - the possible exception of the Swamp before it was rebuilt into the monstrosity that is Po Na Nas, and that probably loses out on the number of entertaining evenings. Swamp went higher, but moles can make you smile any night of a week.

Went to Ramshackle, a club night in Bristol at the weekend with a Indie/Dance vibe to it, and - while distrating - it was full of people who couldn't dance and had no real urge to pretend they could. Moles, the size of an american apartment, on the night before pay-day (Therefore no-one has any cash) and the night before Glastonbury (So no-one should be around), didn't have a dead, useless, scared person in the place. Lots of beautiful moments - from Nada Surf's misogynist anthem "Popular" clearing the dancefloor except Ste and I, to the place going from Destiny's Child to the Pixies in two songs, by was of lost-classic Lava, to bump-and-grind to If you were my girlfriend.

Even threw in a random split-kicking I was feeling so stupid good. One day I'll write these moments up properly. But you know - I've never met anyone who's life hasn't been imeasurably improved by falling in love with dancing.

Work-wise, an idea for another HIT has hit me. Was considering rounding it off on six, but seven is an even more potent number. And since the plan was always to leave room for doing more, everything's still working. It's a wee response of Tim from Cassandra's challenge to do something positive - a Buzzocks pop song instead of my usual Clash. I'll play around with it some more and see if there's enough for an entertaining short there, and if there is, hammer it out.

Other interesting work point was starting proper some work on a more major project idea on Wednesday, due to synchonicity in the universe compelling me so. Will talk some more about it in - oooh - two years.

And end aside to the clubbing: Walking into work this morning, body hurting from dancing too much, and I have to drag my leather-clad form past Sainsburies. On the other side of the road is a man who I was sharing the dancefloor with last night to Lava. Never spoke.

We nod at each other in recognition of common brotherhood and go our own way.

I just don't get people who don't get dancing.




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