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(I wanted to be listening to Lava by Silver Sun now for giddy reasons. My hands find themselves drawn to Tricky/PJ Harvey's Broken Homes. Do the Math)

I can't sustain hate.

Well, hate against people. Hate against Ideas burns eternal. We're in a Memeic war, after all. But people? People are people. I can't simpify my reactions towards them to something as simple as hate. People are complicated, and applying a tool as simple as loathing to them is just beyond my capabilities.

Take tonight for instence. After interviewing Mooz, Urban Avante group, with a close friend, we hit a club. In the club's an Ex of his - who's a moderate acquaintence of me, and a good friend of another - is there. It's a small club, with a smaller clientelle, so some aknowledgment is unavoidable. He wanders over and says Hi. She completely blanks him and walks off.

Because she's an idiot.

So, I should hate her, right? Obviously.

And I do, for at least - oooh - half an hour after the friend of mine leaves the place. But when it comes to the long walk home - everyone lives in the same direction - I end up chatting to her.

She's an idiot. If I ever get the chance, I'll tell her it. But I can't hate her, as I understand all too well why someone would act like that.

Because she's an idiot, because she's human.

What I'd give to be an inch less open minded.




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