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"I was sick. Adolescence knotted my guts. My lower abdomen, bloated with the back-up of accumulated spunk that persisted despite my determined efforts to discharge it with my trusty cock-pump, throbbed. I knew something was wrong with the world. It was imminent nuclear Armageddon and Sarah from 4C not wanting to fuck me.

Picking up Megadeth's 'Rust In Peace' wasn't simple consumerism, but what physicians call 'self-medication', like the schizophrenics who start chain-smoking because nicotine is the only thing that acts on the brain that reduces their symptoms. They know, at some level, that by finding this thing and ingesting it, they'll be a little better.

Megadeth were what I needed. They made me a little better."

New Noise update 15. I apply my usual Stafford nostalgia themes to pop music for once with a little look at my dirty teenage affair with Megadeth. The only embarassing anecdote I fail to squeeze in involves a dirty great Megadeth pendant I owned and wore, which was a good fistful of pewter and the single most unsartorical item I've ever owned.


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