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Belly update. Skipped forward to "Now They'll Sleep", doomed single from second album "King". And I'm back on a student bed-sit bed, firing tape-singles through an old-bass amp as loud as I can without risking someone coming and telling me to turn the fucking thing down (A friend living downstairs said that he never bothered setting his alarm clock, as he knew he would be woke at the appropriate time, every morning, by the opening wall-of-funk squal of the Reverand Black Grape. I digress).

Ridiculous slow echo-blues intro, moving into the song proper as if she'd decided it should be something else - an afterthought, dreaming and forgotten. Belly always were a fingers-width from Belinda Carisle, and I loved "Now they Sleep" all the more for it. I loved it, in part, because no other fuck loved it, and it lacked the /obvious/ tune-smithery of Gepetto or the always-nauseous feed the tree. I loved it because I didn't know what shape my breath would take before I let it out.I loved it because I was in love.

I just can't remember with whom.


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